Relatech business strategy is based on RePlatform, consisting of a  well-defined framework, a solid methodology and specific skills.

The Consulting activity is at the base of the platform and it is one of the main driving forces of our core business.

Relatech proprietary platform is composed by 4 cloud based frameworks that represent the main core business areas.

Relatech offers customized consulting on one or more of these modules, identifying the best solution for customer needs and integrating it with the existing customer IT system.

RePlatform frameworks

RePlatform, constantly powered by research and development projects realized in partnership with university centers, consists of four main modules: ReYou (mobile, e-commerce, cloud, proximity marketing), ReData (Big Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning), ReSec (Threat intelligence security, Blockchain, GDPR) and ReThing (IoT, Industry 4.0).

To this date, Relatech has developed two verticalizations of the platform: ReZone, a cognitive proximity marketing solution to understand the customer behavior online and in store and VOTA, a voice awareness solution able to monitor and identify any possible voice dysfunctions and the entire phonatory system. The innovation of RePlatform consists in being able to develop innovative solutions for specific sectors (Life science, Industry 4.0, Agrifood) with a high replicability.

ReZone, a Cognitive Proximity Customer Engagement Solution

ReZone a cognitive proximity customer engagement solution able to actively involve the customer by giving him an innovative and immersive shopping experience within what today can be defined as the new intelligent containers: shops, mall, stadiums, airports, stations.

Through ReZone, marketers have the opportunity to know more closely their customers, to analyze their behavior, to satisfy and predict their current and future needs. ReZone collects user data in omnichannel and using Watson Marketing technologies is able to reach the end user in multi-channel way on all touchpoints.


VOTA, Vocal Tract & Training Analysis

VOTA, Vocal Tract & Training Analysis, is a voice awareness solution able to monitor, test and analyze voice status and identify any possible voice diseases.

The solution has been developed on an innovative digital platform and allows to analyze the health conditions of the entire user’s phonatory apparatus.


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